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Diggity Dog Daycare & Resort’s
"Exclusive” & “All Inclusive” Bungalow Boarding

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    Diggity Dog Daycare & Resort offers an "Exclusive" & “All Inclusive" boarding experience that features the most unique environment in the Midwest while likely one of the most unique in the entire country.
    Our “Bungalow Boarding” features rooms in a loft setting with a fun “Dogs On Vacation” island atmosphere. Our bungalows are raised above the daycare play arena, so as not to impede activities in our play room.
    Consider us to be the Bed & Breakfast alternative to the chain hotels. Conventional kennels house 20, 30, 40 or more dogs, creating stress, boredom and barky tendencies. At Diggity Dog Daycare & Resort, every day will be filled with fun and exercise before your dog settles down for a well deserved night of rest. Instead of just a few “walks” or bathroom breaks each day, your dog will enjoy the play and company of other social dogs, the pools (during appropriate weather), the sofas in the Ukiah Napping Den, the human attention and, most importantly, spending as much time as they want outside in Wisconsin’s Biggest Outdoor Play Yard. Each evening they will return to their room to find a special treat on their bed. On Fridays and Saturdays they will get to enjoy a refreshing Frosty Paws ice cream treat. This is MUCH better than being confined in a kennel for 23 or more hours a day unless you pay extra for services.
    Diggity Dog Bungalow Boarding is “ALL INCLUSIVE”!!
    It makes us uncomfortable to hear about places charging extra for …”snug-gle time”. It just seems insincere to us. It reminds us of the famous Tom Hanks movie line…..”snuggle time? SNUGGLE TIME? There’s no charging for snuggle time”!!!!
    The only thing that is not included is food. You bring what your dog’s diet requires and what they are used to. Other than that you WON’T pay extra for “snuggle time”, play time, walks, treats or anything else. They will be part of the daycare crowd during the day so they will ALWAYS get personal attention when THEY want it. Otherwise…it’s game on for fun. To be clear…our Bungalow Boarding fee INCLUDES daycare!!!

    Here are things they get at no extra charge
    Play, nightly treats, sunbathing, pool fun and snow play during appropriate weather, chillin’ in the Ukiah Napping Den on sofas, lots of fresh air and tons of space for running and playing in Wisconsin’s Biggest Outdoor Play Yard, tons of human attention and dare I say…”snuggle time” and hugs whenever THEY want it. They will also have a quieter environment for rest at night.

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