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Diggity Dog Daycare & Resort’s
"Exclusive” & “All Inclusive” Bungalow Boarding

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    Other Benefits: Again, daycare is INCLUDED, so tons of activity and people attention are an everyday occurrence.
    “Early Pick Up Reward”.Your dog will get fed, potty breaks and pretty much a Half Day of daycare for Free if picked up early. When your dog is picked up between 9am and 10am you will not be charged boarding for that particular day. After 10am, regular boarding rates apply .
    If you request our “Aloha Bungalow Bath” on your day of PICK UP…your dog will get a refreshing Massage Bath at a 40% Discount.
    Each night when your dog returns to their Bungalow, they will find treats waiting for them on their bed. On Friday and Saturday nights they will get Frosty Paws ice cream.

    A typical vacation day may be like this.
    6am- Breakfast & potty time.
    6:30am- Full day of play at daycare (or hangin’ with humans/ relaxing in the Ukiah Napping Den/ Playing in Wisconsin’s Biggest Outdoor Play Yard).
    About 4:00pm- Feeding and break time.
    4:45pm- more play and daycare.
    7:00pm- walk and potty break.
    7:30pm- Sleeping Bungalow for a treat and story time.
    8:00pm- lights out for rest and sleep.

    Because of this special and unique boarding experience there are special and unique rules that apply to this setting.

Click below for details on our rules and requirements.
Bungalow Rules & Requirements

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