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Diggity Dog Bungalow FAQ.

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    Will my dog get out of its room more than just for a few potty breaks?
    YES!!! Bungalow Boarding INCLUDES Diggity Dog Daycare every day. Your dog will spend the day socializing, getting human attention, playing, swimming in kiddie pools (during appropriate weather) and all around being on vacation while you are.

    What’s the difference between the Bungalow Boarding and regular “kennels”?
    See above. Also, there are a very limited number of Sleeping Bungalows as opposed to kennels. After a day of activity, it is more likely your dog will get much better sleep. There will NOT be a long line of of 20, 30, 40 or more kennels with dogs that are kenneled for 23 hours a day and become bored. That leads to barkiness. That leads to a lack of sleep and rest which can affect them physically.

    Are there special requirements for Bungalow Boarding?
    Yes. Dogs MUST be daycare appropriate. Since they will be outside their Sleeping Bungalow and in the daycare mix, New dogs MUST meet all the requirements of a regular Diggity Dog Daycare dog. It must go through the Personal Preview Assessment process PRIOR to Bungalow Boarding AND MUST attend 1 day of daycare no less than 4 days PRIOR to the planned boarding date. The usual vaccination requirements are in place also.

    But why MUST they attend daycare before their first day of boarding?
    Should a daycare setting not prove to be a situation that is appropriate for the dog (overwhelmed/ uncomfortable/ defensive etc…) we would NOT be able to admit that dog for boarding. Accepting dogs not appropriate for daycare would put that dog, the other daycare dogs and the employees at risk from a safety and health standpoint. This will also give the dog parents time to find an alternative place for boarding prior to the need date.

    Will a human staff member being staying overnight with the dogs?
    NOPE!!!!! A lot of people think this is a good thing. In fact, in the long term it is worse for the rest and comfort of all the dogs. Years of experience doing promotional overnight events have made us very familiar with this dynamic. With a human on site, some dogs will go into “protective” or “guard” mode. They will react to normal or imagined sounds, lights, movements etc. They will bark and pace and that wakes up all the others. It takes a quite a while for this to settle down, if it does at all. As that continues through the night, none of the dogs get rest. With all the activity of daycare during the day, they soon will start to suffer from sleep deprivation, fatique and become cranky or ill. Think of it as you coming home from an active week on vacation and having to get up 5:30 the next morning. Are you rested from that? Likely not. It’s important they have the best opportunity for quality rest.

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