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    Can we put 2 or more dogs in one Bungalow?
    Yes and No. Our Bungalows are meant for sleep and NOT for full day confinement. Therefore, they are smaller so as to represent a denning atmosphere. This means only 2 very small dogs could occupy the Bungalow comfortably.

    Is there a discount if we bring 2 or dogs for Bungalow Boarding?
    YES. We have a multiple dog discount of $5 PER DOG from the same family.

    Is there an advance deposit needed for Bungalow Boarding?
    Yes. Because of the limited number of Sleeping Bungalows available, “no shows” and last minute cancellations will have a critical impact on the business. All reservations must also include a credit card payment of an advance Non-Refundable deposit based on the number days the dog will be staying (see in pricing guide).

    But if we do leave our dog as planned, does that deposit go toward the final bill?
    YES!!!! This amount is credited toward your final payment after the stay. Also, cancellations of at least 36 hours prior to drop off time will be fully refunded.

    I see there is an offer of a discounted 10 day package rate. If I own one of them, do I have to still have to pay a deposit?
    NO. But the appropriate days will be deducted from the package should the cancellation policy need to be enforced.

    What is the discounted package?
    Our “Big Bungalow Pass” is a prepayment plan of 10 days. It is to be used for Bungalow Boarding ONLY. There is a separate package for daycare. The package is non-refundable but is transferable if need be. See pricing guide for price specifics.

    Is there any other benefit of staying at Diggity Dog Daycare & Resort?
    YES. We offer our “Bungalow Bath” at a 40% Discount. Let us know about the approximate time you will be picking your dog on the day of pick up and we will give your dog a refreshing and relaxing Massage Bath so they look and smell fresh and clean when they go home.

    If I own a “Big Diggity Dog Pass” for daycare, will those days be used while they are there boarding?
    NO. The daycare pass days are used ONLY when dogs are here for daycare ONLY! Daycare is INCLUDED in the Bungalow Boarding.

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