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Diggity Dog Bungalow Boarding Rules and Requirements

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    Because of the unique nature of the Bungalow Boarding system utilized at Diggity Dog Daycare & Resort, our overnight offering may not be for everyone. This is an interactive and social setting for dogs. Dogs with social anxiety, aggression or extreme medical issues can not be accepted for boarding. Since vacationing dogs here will enjoy the daycare experience as well, they must meet those standards.

Bungalow Boarding Rules and Requirements

    All vaccination requirements for daycare are also required for boarding. Dogs must be up to date on vaccinations for Bordetella (kennel cough), Distemper and Rabies.

    All dogs must pass our daycare Personal Preview Assessment prior to boarding for their first time to ensure this is a proper environment for your dog.

    All dogs must attend a full day of daycare a minimum of 1 time prior to their first day of boarding as a new and first time guest. This day of daycare attendance must be no less than 4 days prior to the beginning boarding. (Why? Should the dog ultimately prove to not enjoy or not be suitable for the daycare experience, the owner will have time to find other accommodations)

    These rules are for the benefit of the dog as well as the owner. The time to find out your dog does not do well in this type of environment is not when you’re out of town for an extended period of time. A late realization of these issues will also impact Diggity Dog Daycare business, employees, attending dogs and their safety.

    Click below to learn about our rates.

Bungalow Boarding Rates and Restrictions
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