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Diggity Dog Daycare Events

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Diggity Dog Dip 2016
Diggity Dog Dip 2016 A Decade Of Dips

Diggity Dog Dip Personal Super Soaker Sponsorship
You can help in making this year’s 10th Anniversary Diggity Dog Dip a Super Soaker Success,

Soldier Reunites With Dogs At Diggity
Calla and Wrigley’s mom Krista spent over 6 months deployed to Afghanistan.

Free Mutt Monday
We set aside Monday as “Free Mutt Monday” at Diggity Dog Daycare.

Diggity Dog Dip Super Soaker Club
Thank you for being a part of the Diggity Dog Dip Super Soaker Club.

2012 Dip Underwater Video
Underwater Video of the 2012 Digitty Dog Dip.

Diggity Dog Daycare is on Facebook
You can be our friend and stay in touch with all the goings-on at Diggity Dog Daycare. Just log on to and search us out. Join our fan base and add to the fun.

Diggity Dog Daycare on Youtube
Now you can see some samples of the fun and crazy chase games that goes on here.

Sibling Reunion of 3 Pups
We,ve had another sibling reunion at Diggity Dog Daycare.

Diggity Dog Daycare Goes National
Diggity Dog Daycare Featured In National Geographic!

Reunion Makes National News
We discovered that two Yellow Labs in fact were brothers.

Diggity Dog Referral Bonus
We’d like to reward those who spread the word about Diggity Dog Daycare.

Diggity Tour Special
Right now the Diggity Dog Daycare Tour is FREE!!!

Newbie Freebie Promotion
Shhhhhh……This is an internet only promotion.
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