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Diggity Dog Daycare Services

Diggity Dog Options:
Service: Rate:
Full Diggity Day $22.50
Half Diggity Day
(Less then 5 hours)
Big Diggity Dog Pass
(11 full day purchase)(For Daycare Use Only, Non-Refundable)
Multi-Diggity Dog Half Day Rate
(per dog)
Multi-Diggity Dog Full Day Rate
(per dog)
Spa Options:
Diggity Dog Massage Bath
(minimum 20 minutes)
Massage Bath with up to 30 Minute
Brush Out and perfume/cologne
Full Diggity Body Massage
(minimum 15 minutes)
15 Minute Brush Out $9.00
30 Minute Brush Out $15.00
Nails & Ice Cream $12.95
Ear Cleaning $4.50
Tooth Brushing $7.00
Nail Painting $4.50
Breath Spray
(Free with other spa services, by request)
Other Fees:
Late Fee
(with call) 1-15 minutes
Late Fee
(with call) 16-30 minutes
No Show/No Call $15.00
No Show by 7:00PM Becomes Overnight Board
Late fee
(No Call, No Show, overnight Board)
If Not Picked Up By Noon Next Day $55.00
Failure to Cancel Reservation Within 24 Hours $10.00

The Free Stuff:
  • Wisconsin's Biggest Outdoor Play Yard
  • Large Indoor Play Arena
  • Supervised & Personal Attention
  • Comfy Sofas and Couches
  • Naps in the Ukiah Napping Den
  • Lots of Play, Fun, Affection and Friends
  • Kiddie Pools During Appropriate Weather
  • Plenty of Fresh Water
  • Administer Oral Medications
  • Tons of Belly Rubs, Hugs, Cuddles and Ear Scratches

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