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Reunion Makes National News

   Easily the most numerous of our guests are Labs. We entertain lots of Black and Yellow labs. Recently, we discovered that two Yellow Labs named Cooper Lamb and Levi Mack in fact were brothers that had been adopted from the Coulee Region Humane Society by separate families and reunited here at Diggity Dog Daycare. The ironic twist of faith of that story got the attention of the La Crosse Tribune newspaper and it made front page news.
    Everyone must love a feel good story because the article was picked up by the national news agencies. The story was picked up by ABC, CBS, FOX and AOL news, among others. Major newspapers like the San Francisco Chronicle, Denver Post, Boston Globe, Kansas City Star and others have run the story.
    At least 50 different news outlets have run the story. Heck, if you throw in the internet sites, Cooper and Levi are world famous.
    Click the link below to see the story that ran in the LaCrosse Tribune on Thursday March 22, 2007.

LaCrosse Tribune Reunion story.
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