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Free Mutt Monday

   Diggity Dog Daycare has always been very community oriented. We enjoy helping organizations that do well for animals. Our annual Diggity Dog Dip fundraiser is one of the biggest events of the year at the city of Onalaska.
   Our hearts always go out to the animals that have no forever home or family. We want to give them some delightful, enjoyable and pleasurable moments by giving them the opportunity to experience the fun of dog daycare.
   That’'s why we set aside Monday as “Free Mutt Monday” at Diggity Dog Daycare. Shelter and rescue dogs are welcome to come to New Diggity Dog Daycare for Free if they are being housed at the shelter. Dogs that are being fostered may also come for Free on Monday. If you are associated with a shelter or rescue, please contact us to make arrangements for your dogs to come in on Mondays. If you are a Foster Parent to a dog (first off …THANK YOU!!), all we would need is documentation from your associated rescue or shelter as to you being the foster parent and you can bring your dog to Diggity Dog Daycare for 1/2 Price at any time. Yep… that'’s right, …foster dogs get to come for 1/2 price on any day and Free on Mondays.
   Reservations are required and all dogs must meet the usual requirements of Diggity Dog Daycare including the successful completion of the Personal Preview Assessment. At your request we will issue a statement or report concerning the behavior and performance of the dog that may aid in placement and to document it’s personality.
   Contact your local shelter or favorite rescue to make sure they know about us!!!!
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